Vasili Unit Trader (VUT)

Vasili Unit Trader (VUT) is a centralized and a one stop shop investment platform for all regulated investment solutions in the industry that provides ability to transact/trade investments solutions online.


A Centralized Investment Platform that:

  1. Provides accurate and up to date investment data to the end user to enable them make sound and quick investment decisions
  2. An investor’s risk profile and compare between the different investment offerings within the industry and provide a personalized investment solution
  3. Is free and easy to use for all investors and would be investors.


  1. Free and easy: The app is downloadable on any phone and platform that allows customization, personalization and diversification of investment portfolio with an analysis tool and a risk management engine, consequently guiding an investor to the best investment solution for their need.
  2. Real-Time investment updates: ensures the making of informed decisions both by advisors and clients. They help in portfolio adjustments with real-time data feeds.
  3. An integrated Client On-Boarding system: that is standardized for all the industry players with compliance checks of Know Your Customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering for the wealth management firm and the client to meet regulatory requirements and manage credit, market, and operational exposures to events that can negatively impact portfolios and profitability.
  4. Provides ease of portfolio management: by consolidating the various investments reports into a single and comprehensive statement with limited options for reporting across accounts (e.g. asset allocation across all accounts). Client reports are inconsistent and with different look and feel from firm to firm and Vasili Africa provides standardized way of investment reporting for ease of management by allowing an investor to access all their investment statements on one platform at their convenience and on the go.
  5. Unified products’ catalog: for the various investment offerings with accurate and up to date investment data to the end user to enable them make sound and quick investment decisions. Multi-Product, Multi-Asset Class capability is critical for processing various classes of investments across client segments. It is also a flexible and agile platform allowing firms to add business services as required.
  6. Investment Reports: All the historical, current and anticipated information on all investments solutions that will help you plan your investment journey accordingly.


  1. A holistic 360° view of the client’s financial assets
  2. Helps in integrating a team-based service delivery model along with the traditional relationship based advisory
  3. Alerts and notifications that provide real-time messages driven by deviation from desired returns
  4. Customized views of client holdings, account information, service requests, and financial analytics
  5. Automated routine financial monitoring per defined benchmarks.

Value to Financial Advisors Investment Agents:

  1. Centralized Client Reporting & Alert Interface: The new platform will be able to generate a wide range of custom reports without the advisor having to go to different applications (from the simple account balance / net worth to a complicated attribution analysis).
  2. Access to all historic and current client data which helps in better understanding client needs / goals
  3. Enables a complete view of client history, financial goals, and assets
  4. Comprehensive risk management / scenario analysis tool which runs various scenarios for exhaustive client risk assessment
  5. Provides streamlined account opening and paperless processing with a KYC tool that is integrated to capture all relevant client data for compliance purposes
  6. Reports on advisor productivity with up-to-date analysis of leads and their usage and investment history
  7. Alert / Early warning system to proactively identify and address issues

Value to Our Partners:

  1. Accountability: Our platform will be creating accountability of financial advisors and fund managers to investors. What is good for investors is good for the overall industry
  2. Infusion of technology in the investments industry will help reduce hiring and training costs for partner companies as the financial advisors at Vasili will be working towards independent and transparent financial advisory for different investors
  3. Revenue: The platform will help increase revenue through direct referrals to partner companies. Leads generated from social media interactions can be converted into possible clients.
  4. Product Development: A partner company may benefit from our exposure to clients and other companies’ interaction thus procure experiential knowledge in developing products that are suitable for market adoption
  5. Information: Partners will be able to disseminate data/information faster and to more possible investors through the platform
  6. Streamlined Business Processes: help the firms operate efficiently to keep the costs low, and provide better transparency and a seamless client experience.
  7. Scalability to support: increases in levels of business volume into other market segments and geographies without a corresponding increase in the firm’s cost base.
  8. Regulators (CBK, CMA, RBA) may utilize the platform in monitoring investments’ and providing markets information for purposes of holding fund managers accountable and for inclusivity of knowledge for product development and monitoring, further for investor education.


Many ways to invest, one place to do it