About Us


Vasili Africa (Vasili) is an investment consultancy firm that provides independent investment advisory in portfolio management, personal financial planning and debt management and estate management. Founded in 2017, we pride ourselves in articulating clients' investment strategies, helping them match their investment needs with the best opportunities to help them reach their financial goals.
It is a one-stop shop for all investments solutions available in the market.

Why Choose Us

Our 45 years of combined experience in investment advisory and portfolio management we understand that wealth managers are looking to deliver exceptional client service with an overall advisor platform strategy and that investor behaviour demands transparency in investment information to build on their trust and confidence in their wealth management firms and advisors. Vasili provides a platform that brings together as much financial markets information as possible because we believe that everyone should;

  1. Access independent investment research data
  2. Make better personalized investment decisions based on factual investments data
  3. Enjoy efficient and timely execution of their investment decisions from a centralized portfolio that provides accurate analysis of investments’ performance.

Our Promise

  • With over 45 years of combined experience in investment advisory and portfolio management, our focus is one - THE CLIENT
  • Transparency and independence in investment advisory services
  • ALL investment solutions available on the market will be freely available at vasiliafrica.com
  • High degree of brand awareness through a combination of integrated advertising, content/product offerings, public relations, and strategic relationships.

Portfolio Management

Financial Literacy Training & Personal Financial Planning

Tax Planning & Estate Management


Many ways to invest, one place to do it